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We are striving to lead the way in supplying products of the highest quality, without losing sight of affordability, durability and value-added service.

Through T-Legacy’s continued excellence in customer service, we have managed to forge intimate relationships with our clientele. This approach ensures that our customers receive not only the best products but also the best service, before and after delivery. We promise prompt reaction times in giving quotes and dispatching orders.

Protective Clothing & Accesories

Safety Footwear

Security Uniforms & Accessories

Site Safety

Site Safety

Medical Supplies & Disposables

Corporate Clothing & Gift Solutions​

Mining & Water Reticulation Valves​

We value integrity when communicating with customers. Our goal is to inform clientele of better performing products, and offer value added services such as samples and sizing. We want you to know that your employees are safe at all times.

No client is too big or small for our attention, from locals in South Africa to our next-door neighbours in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, DRC and beyond. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of customers and not discriminating in terms of size and affiliation.

Our team maintains and creates value driven relationships with leading industry suppliers to keep clients ahead of the curve. We continuously improve and grow our collective knowledge of the industry. Our mission is to maintain an open interaction with customers, suppliers and industry stakeholders to best understand their needs and offerings.

2018 Emerging Exporter of the Year

awarded by the SA Capital Equipment Export Council

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Footwear

Security Uniforms & Accessories

Site Safety

Medical Supplies & Disposables

Corporate Clothing & Gift Solutions

Mining & Water Reticulation Valves

Our Team

T-Legacy Components SA is a black, female-owned organization that began its trade in 2006.

Started by Thenji Masuku as the founder and single employee, we have since expanded and comprise of a strong team with various skill sets that are crucial to our organisation. Our founder’s initial drive and forward thinking has enabled her to cement and develop our business in an ever changing economic climate. Thenji has overcome all obstacles usually considered detrimental to the modern-day entrepreneur.

Our vision is to be a preferred service provider and driver to all the major industrial, mining and corporate companies on the African continent. We want to show the way for future female entrepreneurs, and create opportunity for the continent. We strongly believe Africa is worth investing in.

T-Legacy supplies to different organizations in various industries such as Construction, Mining, Municipalities, Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, and State-Owned Enterprises.

We offer products and services to a varied client base in the following sectors:

  • Government T-Legacy has to this point been able to consistently align ourselves with the evolution of the South African government’s vision. For example, the Department of Public Works and the newly established Department of Human Settlements.

  • Mining and Construction Industry – PPE, Safety Equipment and Signage have become mandatory in mines and construction sites. The demand for these items is incomparable, and we can confidently deliver.

  • Private Sector – Corporate and private sector organisations are a substantial market. Branded corporate wear and corporate gifts form a large part of our orders.

T-Legacy has handpicked our team members.

Thenji’s belief is that for the right product to be offered, the right person with specific knowledge should be placed before the client. These incredible individuals have extensive skills in Project Management, Logistics Management, Financial Management and Strategic Management.

“Excellence is never an accident, it is the result of sincere effort, intelligent execution and the ability to see obstacles as opportunities.”


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We are closed on weekends and public holidays.